Inclusive Markets Actors Database

Evidence from GIM’s research has shown that to be successful and grow, inclusive business models often rely on other players, whether they provide conducive policies, know-how and awareness, finance, or complementary capabilities. Those players, acting at the local, regional or global level, may include government entities, academic institutions, development agencies, multi-stakeholder platforms, nonprofit organizations, and more.

Finding the right partner is often a big challenge for businesses. The objective of this new actor database is to make this complex landscape of actors more transparent, and to better understand how collaboration functions inside inclusive business models.

The database distinguishes among 4 basic roles played by supporting institutions, in addition with the business model itself:

  • Business Model refers to the main implementer of the venture – from MNCs to large domestic companies, local SMEs, or not-for-profit organizations (NPOs)
  • Policymaking institutions create the incentives and infrastructure that enable business to act
  • Research and Advocacy institutions provide the know-how and awareness that is important to create and allow inclusive business models to be effective
  • Finance institutions provide the funds for projects that often require time and resources to become sustainable
  • Institutions with complementary Capabilities add their specific know-how, expertise, resources and networks to a business model

Far from being exhaustive, this database is envisioned to keep growing over time, fed by GIM’s ongoing research, its network of local and global partners, and your inputs. To suggest additions, please write to us at .

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