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CABC was established as a joint initiative between UNDP, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the China Society of Promotion of the Guangcai Programme, which counts over 16,500 Chinese private companies. The project aims to provide a practical business tool to facilitate economic links focusing on trade and investment between China and a group of African countries (Angola, Cameroon, DRC, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria and Tanzania).

Description of Services

Through partnering with the Guangcai Programme—an agency for pro-poor government institutions—and through sharing CABC’s experience as the first private-public partnership project within the ‘South-South’ cooperation framework, UNDP encourages the Chinese government to further such cooperation among developing countries. UNDP serves as a broker between the different parties and co-sponsors project activities, including the organization of annual China-Africa Business Forums.

Country programs

The CABC is believed to be the first public-private partnership between China and Africa under the ‘South-South’ cooperation framework. Since 2005 CABC has been spearheading Chinese private-sector investments in Africa, promoting good business practices and experience sharing to ensure that China-Africa business activities are socially and environmentally sustainable and contribute towards poverty reduction in both China and Africa.

CABC has achieved significant progress in strategic partnerships, the promotion of bilateral economic cooperation and the facilitation of investment, and it has provided training programmes on responsible corporate governance encouraging entrepreneurs to embed corporate social responsibility into their business operations.


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